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Corporate Drives

Typically an organization interested in hosting a blood drive should have at least 100 employees. CBC will work with interested companies that are smaller and determine how you can still partner with CBC even if you have fewer people.

Drive Tips

  • Successful blood drives need to have the support of upper management, and have a designated "chairperson" within the organization to be CBC's point person and main contact for the blood drive. This person also needs to be able to work and have access to people and departments throughout the organization.
  • CBC suggests the "chairperson" be an individual within the organization with access to most employees and will be responsible for getting the word out about the drive. Chairpeople are provided access to our online appointment system to help recruit donors, in addition to posters, and other recruitment materials. This designated person must be willing to personally ask co-workers. CBC suggests organizations form teams of people to help get the word out.
  • The entire donation process takes 45 minutes to an hour. Employees must be able to leave their workstations for this period of time in order to have a successful donation experience.
  • Corporate blood drives can help build employee morale and camaraderie as employees work together towards a good cause.
  • Becoming a chairperson at a corporate blood drive can be a rewarding experience knowing you are making a difference while organizing a worthwhile cause.
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