Organize a Blood Drive

Community Drives

Coordinating a blood drive in your community is an excellent way to bring people together and save lives. When people come together to donate blood it brings all members of the community together for a good cause. Community blood drives can be found throughout our 15 county service area and typically are sponsored by a specific group, but open to the public for anyone to attend. Community blood drives are typically held at churches, halls, schools, and other public venues.

Drive Tips

  • In order to host a community blood drive, a sponsoring group must have a minimum of 30 donors committed to participate in the blood drive. 
  • The sponsor group must offer a location for the blood drive to be conducted that meets CBC requirements.
  • A CBC representative will work closely with the sponsoring group and provide ideas to help advertise the blood drive. Typically, CBC sends postcards to existing donors to help promote the blood drive and our calling department will call existing donors.
  • Community blood drives are organized when it's most convenient for blood donors to give blood. Oftentimes in the evenings and/or Saturday mornings.
  • Community blood drives require commitment, support, passion, and motivation to get community members involved in order for the blood drive to be well attended.
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