June 15, 2020

DAYTON, Ohio - In the most trouble times, Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley makes time to donate blood.  She came to the Dayton CBC Donation Center June 15 hoping to donate in support of World Blood Donor Day and to promote the CBC "Hero" mask campaign.

Mayor Whaley was deferred from donating because of A recent vaccination (about 10% of people who register to donate are deferred for various reasons: But she immediately made an appointment to donate as soon as she is eligible, which will be during the July 4th holiday week, a traditionally challenging time for maintaining the blood supply.

Mayor Whaley encouraged blood donations in the wake of the August 2019 Oregon District shootings. She donated during Christmas week to promote CBC's "New Year's Resolution Blood Drive." She donated on March 18 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to encourage blood donations as an essential activity for the public health. Her June 15 visit came after the recent demonstrations against racism that included Dayton.

"I'll be back here in (three) weeks to give blood which I try to do regularly," said Mayor Whaley. "Particularly during this time of COVID when the need is very great. It's very easy to schedule, get yourself in and it's something great to do for your community that's easy to do. They have these great masks. I really appreciate what the blood center does for our community, and the people who support it which are the blood donors."

The COVID-19 pandemic forced severe limits on blood donations over the past three months and CBC's "Hero" mask campaign is a reminder that the community needs heroes to help rebuild the blood supply. World Blood Donor Day comes during a time of multiple challenges to the regional blood supply.  CBC used the observance to ask donors to "make two appointments and keep them."

 The mayor's visit happened to coincide with the latest donation of Wendell Clark, CBC's top donor. Wendell donated platelets June 15 for his 724th lifetime donation.  Mayor Whaley chatted with Wendell, thanked him for his dedication to blood donations and exchanged elbow bumps.


Blood donation requirements:  Donors are required to provide a photo ID that includes their full name.  Past CBC donors are also asked to bring their CBC donor ID card.  Donors must be at least 17 years of age (16 years old with parental consent: form available at or at CBC branch & blood drive locations), weigh a minimum of 110 pounds (you may have to weigh more, depending on your height), and be in good physical health.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) changes blood donor eligibility guidelines periodically.  Individuals with eligibility questions are invited to email Make an appointment at or call (937) 461-3220.