January 23, 2020

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio - Hosting monthly Community Blood Center blood drives is part of Atrium Medical Center's commitment to serving as a center for community wellness in the Middletown region. Atrium has now taken that commitment to a new level by expanding the monthly blood drives to include platelet and plasma donations.

The Jan. 22 Atrium blood drive featured the extended hours of 12 noon to 6 p.m., the expanded schedule of platelet, plasma, and double red blood cell donations, and the move to the new monthly location in the fifth floor auditorium of the AMC Professional Building.

The move was necessary to accommodate the extra equipment for automated donations. Regular Atrium donors and first-time visitors found their way to the new location. The blood drive topped 109 percent of collection goal with 51 donors, including 45 whole blood donors and six platelet and plasma donors.

For Middletown donor Mike Chupka, it served as a homecoming.

Mike has 113 lifetime donations, and his platelet donation Jan. 22 at Atrium was his first since 2014. Mike begins work at 5:30 a.m. and he officiates high school football, baseball, and youth basketball in his free time.  Finding locations to give platelets became more complicated.

"The distance was one thing but officiating high school sports afternoons and evenings got to be too much," said Mike. "I saw this and called and got an appointment. I'd like to donate every two weeks, so I can do this and find one other on the schedule."

Donating platelets next to Mike was Springboro donor Joe Berg. He began donating whole blood at Atrium in 2018, and last year made platelets donations at three different Springboro blood drives.  He was happy to now be able to give platelets monthly at Atrium.

Glen Barker's 179th lifetime donation on Jan. 22 at Atrium was his first plasma donation since 2013. "I was trying to hit 200 donations," said Glen. "Maybe this year, if I stay healthy!"

Atrium lab worker Amanda Hibbard likes the convenience of donating at work. "I've been pretty regular," she said. "If we're not too busy they're good about letting me go."

Middletown donor Carmie Wallace celebrated her milestone fifth lifetime donation in the new Professional Building location. "It's awesome that they give you this area to work with!" she said.

Atrium has been a CBC blood drive sponsor since the hospital opened in 2007. Atrium expanded to six blood drives per year in 2015 and grew to eight blood drives in 2017.  In January 2018 Atrium became a CBC home base of monthly blood drives.

Donors can use the hospital main entrance and follow the signs to the elevator for the Professional Building and the fifth floor auditorium. They can also use the Professional Building main entrance to access the same elevator.