March 28, 2020

DAYTON, Ohio - Concerns and precautions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic changed expectations for the 10th annual Bob Rosencrans Memorial Blood Drive Saturday, March 28 at the Dayton Community Blood Center. But an uplifting surprise brought tears to the eyes of Megan Rosencrans.

CBC presented Megan with a glass Blood Drop Award as she donated in honor of her father. The former Moraine mayor was a lifetime public servant and blood donor up until his untimely death in a car accident in 2010.  CBC and the family wanted the blood drive to carry on, and to honor the milestone.

"We knew how important it was to keep this blood drive going, with all the school blood drives cancelling and business blood drives cancelling, the need is greater than ever," said Megan. "We wanted to make sure as many people as possible would still come out and donate, even if I don't get to see them."

Family and friends signed the memorial blood drive registry and donated throughout the morning. Due to social distancing cautions, they had to forego the usual family gathering with cupcakes for all donors in the Donor Café.

The family traditionally holds the blood drive in late March to coincide with his birthday. Bob Rosencrans was U.D. Flyer basketball fan, and the blood drive usually includes excitement for the Flyers and their chances in March Madness.  The NCAA Tournament this year was one of many cancelled events.

"This year we were definitely hoping to celebrate some big milestones, the 10th anniversary, my brother's 50th donation and we were really hoping the Dayton Flyers would way up there in the NCAA tournament," said Megan.  "We're all saving lives and we know that's what's important. We're really hoping eight weeks from now to have another big group out here and really celebrate again."

Megan's brother Wes Rosencrans wasn't able to be at the blood drive because of illness in the family, but his friend Zach Melling made his fifth lifetime donation in honor of Wes' father. "Wes used to be my boss in the National Guard," said Zach. "I didn't get the pleasure of meeting his dad."

Megan's friends and Reynolds & Reynolds co-workers Danielle Tarber and Karla Toal came to donate. "We've been working at home and remoting in," said Danielle, who "elbow bumped" Karla after finishing her donation.

"The last time I left the house was Monday," said Karla. "That was because we were still at work, but they sent us home early." She had no fears of leaving home for the 10th annual blood drive for Bob Rosencrans. "I'm really glad they were still able to do it," she said.